Welcome to the official home of Oberon Zell’s masterpiece,
The Millennial Gaia

This unique and beautiful portrayal of Mother Earth – Gaia – by visionary artist Oberon Zell, has been bringing joy and inspiration to people of all ages around the world for over 20 years.

Originally created in 1998 as a portrayal of Gaia, a Goddess for the New Millennium, this enchanting piece has been called a “sermon in stone”, with the myriad symbols and images that she displays. As an inclusive representation of the history of life on and within Earth, she conveys the spirit of our living planet.

This website is Oberon’s personal setting for providing information about The Millennial Gaia, and how she has touched the lives of thousands of people who have taken her image into their personal space. It is also the most direct way to order your own Gaia, from the artist.

Please take time to peruse the letters, notes and photos from people sharing their own experience of The Millennial Gaia in their lives. There are details about the symbols and images included in the sculpture, as well as information about the inspiration that brought her forth. And, in the shop area, you can select the version of her that best fits for you.