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I am sitting here looking at her, writing this….

When I took her out of the box I thought;” Well, this is not what I expected. She’s all right, but too green”. As I held her, looked at her details and touched her, I examined her tattoos, I thought she’s done very well.

As the day went on and I was around her I began to notice her lips, her nose, more details. I grew to like her lush greenery. Now 24 hrs. later, I LOVE her lush green coloring, and her face, her exotic beauty, the twist of her foot. An excellent piece!
~ KRW ~

We received our Millennial Gaia this afternoon…I can’t tell you how awed I am. I knew it would be beautiful but I wasn’t prepared for how beautiful.

Thank you for all the hours of work that went into making this beautiful thing, which will now grace the altar of our newly blessed temple.
~ MR ~

I can’t tell you how much I love this piece. It is such an incredible masterpiece. The more I look at it, the more I see. There is so much about the interconnection and evolution of life encoded in it… and it is just so beautiful.
~ DJB ~

A few days ago I received in the mail the Millennial Gaia. Oberon, I am bowled over! She is so beautiful! I think it is the best piece that you have ever done. Today I redid the altar in my bedroom with Her as the centerpiece. And I already feel Her making a difference in my life. Every day feels like a gift to me.

Please accept my most heartfelt gratitude for a wonderful, thoughtful and very original gift. I will treasure it always. I am deliciously tickled to have played even a tiny part in its creation. I hope She will touch the lives of many.
~ PW ~

I would like to thank you so much for your art. It moves me inside. It seems that every time I look at it I see something new. I look forward to having Her in my home, where everyone can receive from this gift you’ve put so much time and energy into.  Thank you so much!

~ DL ~

Just received my Millennial Gaia today. What a work of sacred beauty!!!!
~ MP ~

She sits on a table under a canopy of arrowhead philodendrons and surrounded by ferns. Her beautiful smile offers serenity and love. Everyone who sees her is thoroughly enchanted. I look at her and I hear the calls of animals both ancient and current all souls that make up my unity. Thank you so much for bringing her here. I will always be grateful.

~ M ~

Just want to say that The Millennial Gaia figurine is beautiful, wonderful, awesome… all those things. She has a prominent place in our living room.

~ AW ~

I absolutely adore Her! She’s your best work yet, Oberon, truly inspired. She’s in a place of honor on our altar… I love the rainforest, the redwoods…the evolutionary tree of life…and the Squids!  

~ JW ~

I would like to thank the creators of the Millennial Gaia. She touched my soul the minute I saw her. I simply stared at her for what seemed forever. I knew I had to have this statue. She has such peaceful and wise eyes. I don’t know how you did it but it is amazing.

~ AD ~

SHE ARRIVED!!!! She is the most elegant of Ladies…She has won our hearts…SHE will stand in the place of honor in the WindTree dining hall as the Mother of us All.

Thank you so very much for making Her so real so that all of those who cannot feel Her, as we do here, can at least now see Her.

~ DM & JZ ~

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