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Just wanted to take a moment to tell you how pleased I am with The Millennial Gaia. I got it yesterday and was surprised how quickly my order came. It certainly is a powerful and mood changing piece of living art. Thank you so much for the prompt and friendly service. I will certainly order again in the future. My only problem is where to put Her so I can get the most enjoyment.
~ KR ~

Just wanted you to know that I’d been looking for months for just the right Goddess statue for my working altar and knew I’d found it the moment I saw your Millennial Gaia at the Mythic Images website.  I ordered it instantly!

  I received the sculpture a few days later and it is STUNNING, an incredible master-work.  She’s more than just a thing of beauty, she’s a whole cosmos, an entire encyclopedia begging to be studied.  The thought and detail that went into her—well I just don’t have the words to express how impressed I am.  The explanatory material that came with the sculpture was very impressive too, and pointed out many details that I’d probably otherwise have overlooked.
~ AH ~

The Millennial Gaia which I purchased from you recently arrived, and I wanted to take just a moment to let you know how beautiful She turned out. I expected a “nice” piece but, after studying all the detail on Her body, I was, and still am amazed at all the love and hard work that must have gone into making Her.
~ MV ~

I wanted to pass along my ultimate vision of what the Goddess embodies to me. Green, hugely pregnant with the Earth in Her belly, the rain forest and giant redwoods carved on Her arms, the beginnings of life in the sea carved on Her legs, the evolution of life proceeding up Her dreadlocks, the hair surrounding the front of Her face comprised of leaves and foliage from the sacred oak, ash, rowan, willow and other trees; Her left breast the moon, and Her right breast a cornucopia of life-sustaining foods…

When I come home from a hard day at work, or if I’m in physical or emotional pain, I light the candles on either side of Her, ignite some incense, and meditate on the placid, ageless, serenity of Her face, which contains all the wisdom of the ages. Soon, I am calm and centered…  if my testimonial means anything… this figure touches the deepest part of me.
~ EA ~

I am a practicing, hereditary Sicilian Strega and a Shamanic Practitioner. I’ve been involved with The Goddess for over ten years.

I thought She was beautiful. I ordered Her and last night She arrived. When I opened the box and gently took Her out, what I saw was not only beautiful beyond words, but She is the epitome of what I’ve visualized The Ancient Mother to look like.

The details of the leaves, creatures, Her hair…everything…was done with such precision and care. Her breasts, the Moon and Cornucopia, are such wonderful representations of the Nurturing Mother of All.

Today, I found myself moving Her with me from room to room as I did my daily chores. She will have a very special place on my altar and She will be honored as the representation of The Ultimate Earth Mother.

 I just want to say thank-you for your gift, Oberon. Through The Millennial Gaia, you have truly given us the world in all Her aspects! I think I’ll need to order another for my office….
~ DR ~

Oh, my!  The “Millennial Gaia” by Oberon Zell is one of the most beautiful works of art I’ve EVER encountered!
~ WR ~

As a pagan artist you might find this interesting: I couldn’t stop holding the Gaia last night, it was silly.  I held her while I sat in bed and read the pamphlet that came with her; then, here’s the REAL silly part, I couldn’t let her spend the night on some cold stand.  As hard and cold as the stone is, I felt the need (call me crazy) to snuggle up to her like a stuffed toy and I did so, falling asleep that way.  OK… just thought you might get a kick out of how your art affected this 36 year old pagan woman. :o)
~ MD ~

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