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I co-run a group that organizes women’s spirituality retreats in February and June of each year. We do drumming workshops, have speakers, do performance ritual and lots of other fun, relaxing things.

The name of the group is Gaia’s Womb. The three founders (myself included) of the group are Pagan and we set up an altar at every event, the centerpiece of which is your Millennial Gaia, who was produced the year after we began this organization. Just thought you’d enjoy knowing that.

~ AB ~

Just wanted you to know that I’d been looking for months for just the right Goddess statue for my working altar and knew I’d found it the moment I saw your Millennial Gaia. I ordered it instantly!

I received the sculpture a few days later and it is STUNNING, an incredible master-work. She’s more than just a thing of beauty, she’s a whole cosmos, an entire encyclopedia begging to be studied. The thought and detail that went into her — well I just don’t have the words to express how impressed I am. The explanatory material that came with the sculpture was very impressive too, and pointed out many details that I’d probably otherwise have overlooked.

Anyway, keep up the fabulous work!

~ A ~

The boxes arrived and the first one I opened was Gaia. When I opened her up, and a swoosh of heat overcame me, and I broke down and cried just looking at her. She is everything one could imagine in the Mother and more, she invokes such emotion in me, it’s hard to describe. I feel the need to have her by me all the time.

I consecrated her and put her on my desk for prosperity and inspiration. Well, sales have not stopped, the door bells are ringing all day long, and the cash register is going ching ching, lol.

I have one now on the counter with a bowl of fundraising money for the local animal clinic, and people are rubbing her belly and giving money for luck, LOL!

~ CMG ~

Thank you for sending Gaia. She is so powerful! I put her right beside my favorite chair when I unwrapped Her, and I couldn’t stop studying Her. She arrived on Saturday, and I couldn’t take my eyes off Her (still can’t!). She’s so much more detailed than I could tell from photographs, and I am fascinated. She really is three-dimensional scripture.

I swear She talks. She is a physical presence in the house, patting me on the head for recycling, shaking Her head at my clutter. She makes me want to straighten up my act even more, and I’ve been working on that for a year already. What an inspiration She is!

I am so happy to give Gaia a place in my home! I think I’ll bring Her along when I do Reiki or Hypnotherapy so others can enjoy Her, too. Every time I yearn for the woods, I’ll think of Her!

~ KS ~

This gift has brought such joy to my life, in just the few days I have had her in my home.

I have a Goddess circle on my property. We have just under 7 acres here and my circle holds about 50 people. My circle is lined with rocks to give it the feel of “Stonehenge” and at the main entrance are two alcoves for the Goddess to stand with 3 candles at each one. At our rituals the circle is lined with candles and the God and Goddess candles are on the altar, as well as the cauldron fire. I just know that this Millennial Gaia will look right at home on that altar at our next ritual.

I thank you for your time and effort in creating her and for passing her power to my home, via your figurine. I feel very blessed to have her here.

~ CF~

I saw the Millenial Gaia and I just wanted to thank you for the positive image of the female that it gave me. That day when I was in my own body I could see her in me. It was very powerful.

~ K ~

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