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Two months ago, I had a deep spiritual experience which culminated in energies coming up into my legs from the Earth.  As energies reached my knees, a green Goddess (whom I assumed was Green Tara) appeared to me and said in an ethereal voice, “Can you move my gift up to the tops of your thighs?”

A month later, I awoke from a deep sleep to find myself with my ear pressed against this same Goddess’s belly, and when I turned to look at it, I saw that it was in fact the Earth.  She told me that the Earth is actually a manifestation of our collective emotional bodies, and that as we clear ourselves emotionally, the Earth will be restored to health.

Yesterday, I went to Gaia Bookstore in Berkeley, and there on the counter was a statue that took my breath away!  I bought the Millennial Gaia and brought her home, and I have been in bliss ever since.  I am so deeply grateful for your work and wanted to share this story with you.

Yours Forever in Our Mother,
~ CB ~

The Gaia figure is a beautiful, radiant work of art. Her beauty radiates through intricately detailed etchings throughout her body, depicting creatures of land, sea, and sky. Her serene face looks down towards her belly, cradled in her arms, pregnant with the Earth. Each day, I noticed more details, different aspects of Her being.

~ TM ~

I would like to thank the creators of the Millenial Gaia. She touched my soul the minute I saw her. I simply stared at her for what seemed forever. I knew I had to have this statue. She has such peaceful and wise eyes. I don’t know how you did it but it is amazing. I hope the Goddess blesses you all.

Thank you so much.
~ AD ~

The color photos don’t do justice to this small but powerful figure of Gaia. She is the Earth and everything that lives upon it, represented by numerous animals (living and extinct), birds, trees, flowers, plants… etched on her skin, in her hair…a teaching tool for you and for children, She comes with a printed guide to every image.

Her facial features (I looked closely) are not Caucasian, but a blend of all races, as it should be. She exemplifies the interconnectedness of all beings that we often hear about. She is grounding to be around.

When I was sending out healing energy to someone with a brain tumor, I automatically put my hand on her head, remembering only later that in ancient times there were thriving businesses which made body parts for people to use in healing rituals. And we can rub Her pregnant belly for good luck, the way millions have rubbed the Chinese deity Ho Tai’s belly.

Oberon has done his masterwork in this piece.
~ MT ~

She’s PREGNANT with energy.  I want you to know that I experience that … and that I sense it’s got something to do with the ritual done on the original… but more than that – I feel … just know … that this is a truly remarkable Gift.  She wasn’t “thought-up,” or “imagined,” I think.  My feeling is that she is more like a … revelation.
~ WR ~

When She came to me I was heavy, bloated with pre-menstrual fluid and tension.  She too is heavy, but heavy with life, full, blossoming, glorious. 

All creatures of the earth and sky, all plant and animal life, the entire world itself—all are held within Her wise and loving embrace.  She is always giving birth, yet always heavy and pregnant with new life; around and around the Wheel of Life turns, always and forever. 

She is Gaia, the Living Mother Earth.  And we are Her.
~ MY ~

I would be honored if you used my letter on your web site or in your catalogue. Perhaps you would like to know just a bit more about how I came to possess the Millennial Gaia…..

I had stumbled across Her while surfing the web…and knew immediately that I had to have Her. I was saving up for Her when I found Her at a store here. I picked Her up and held Her in my hands for upwards of an hour while I walked around the store absorbing Her incredible energy, and listening as the Goddess spoke to me through Her. I couldn’t buy Her that day… but had planned on going back to the store within the month to get Her.

A week later, our circle was celebrating Imbolc, and one of our sisters who had chosen to leave and begin walking another path handed me a gift. When I opened the box, there She was. I cried.

Blessed be, may we never hunger….

~ EA ~

I’m overwhelmed…Discovery is boundless in your creative statue. There is always some-thing new to see and enjoy. Not since my reading of Jung and others have I thought of the spirit life so much.

~ SG ~

I can’t tell you how much I love this piece. It is such an incredible masterpiece. The more I look at it, the more I see. There is so much about the interconnection and evolution of life encoded in it… and it is just so beautiful.

~ DJB ~

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