Privacy Policy

As with all retail sites, our cart system collects a certain amount of data needed to process orders, payments and deliveries. This information, not including payment card details, is stored in our customer database. We do not share this data with any outside people or businesses. We do not provide our customer contact list to anyone, though we may at times use it to share information with you about products and events that we are directly involved in.

Our payment processing is all done through PayPal, as a third party processor. None of your payment card information is recorded in our database from purchase transactions.

Comments or reviews that you post on this website are publically viewable. We may copy comments and use them on other platforms about the specific item they relate to. By sharing your photos or comments/stories with us, you are agreeing to allow us to post them to this page, and our social media platforms.

If you have questions or comments about this policy, please Contact Us here.